3051GP Smart Pressure Transmitters 4-20mA Output HART Protocol Gas Pressure Transmitter

3051GP Smart Pressure Transmitters 4-20mA Output HART Protocol Gas Pressure Transmitter

Digital LCD display; 4-20mA output;HART protocol; 0.01% Accuracy. Smart Differential Pressure Transmitters.

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Product Details

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Product Introduction

AT3051 intelligent pressure transmitter with metal capacitive sensor technology and
micro-silicon solid-state complex sensor technology, modular design, made with
EEPROM sensor unit and place buttons and EEPROM of electronic amplification unit,
wherein the sensor unit includes a differential pressure / pressure / absolute pressure
sensor and a temperature sensor. Temperature sensor for differential pressure / pressure /
absolute pressure sensor temperature characteristic within the full range of compensation
by computer, thus making smart pressure transmitter has excellent temperature
AT3051 intelligent pressure transmitter diverse debugging tools.
In addition to place the button outside, HART Communicator, HART transmitters
debugging software can be configured for the transmitter parameters set.
 General Specifications:
Measuring medium: liquid, steam and gas
Measuring range:
different pressure range: : 0-100Pa~2068kPa
pressure range: 0-1.5kPa~41370kPa
Absolute pressure range: 0-10kPa abs.~2068kPa abs
High static pressure: 14 Mpa, 25 Mpa, 32 Mpa
With Hart Protocol
Accuracy: ± 0.2%
Stability:6 months, ± 0.1%URL
Ambient temperature:-40℃~+85℃(LCD head is -20℃~+60℃)
Relative humidity:0%~100%
Atmospheric pressure:86kPa~106kPa
Output :4~20mA output
Power supply:24VDC
Anti-explosion: Exia ⅡC T4~T6
 Material:
Sensor material:316ss
Sensor diaphragm:316L ,hartz alloy C
Flange /Process connection:316ss
Filling liquid :silicone oil, fluorine oil, high temperature silicone oil(only for remote type).
Sealing ring:Nitrile (NBR), Fluororubber(FKM),Low temperature fluorine
The diaphragm of Level or remote type:316 L stainless steel,
hartz alloy C, tantalum ,PFA coating,F46 tectorial membrane,gold plating.
Level flange or substrate: Stainless steel





AT3051 Order Sheet:



Production Line
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