Working Principle And Advantages And Disadvantages Of Vortex Flow Meter

- Sep 19, 2017 -

Instruments that measure fluid flow are collectively referred to as flow meters or flow meters. Flowmeter is one of the important instruments in industrial measurement. With the development of industrial production, the accuracy and scope of flow measurement requirements are getting higher and higher, traffic measurement technology with each passing day. In order to adapt to various uses, various types of flowmeter have come out. More than 100 flow meters have been put into use.


Each product has its specific applicability, but also has its limitations. According to the principle of measurement, there are mechanics principles, thermal principles, acoustic principles, electrical principles, optical principles, atomic physics principles.


According to the structure of the flow meter classification. Volumetric flowmeter, differential flowmeter, float flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, vortex flowmeter in fluid oscillating flowmeter, mass flowmeter and plug flowmeter.


 According to the measurement object is divided into two categories: closed pipe and open channel; according to the purpose of measurement can be divided into total measurement and flow measurement, the instrument called the total scale and flow meter. The total meter measures the flow of the flow through the pipe over a period of time, expressed in terms of the total amount of time flowing in the short period of time divided by the quotient of the time. In fact, the flowmeter is usually also provided with a cumulative flow device, The total scale also has a flow of information devices. Therefore, it is no practical significance to divide the flow meter and the total scale in a strict sense.


Vortex flow meter advantage


(1) vortex flow meter no moving parts, measuring components simple structure, reliable performance, long service life.

(2) vortex flow meter wide measurement range. Range than the general can reach 1:10.

(3) The volumetric flow of the vortex flowmeter is not affected by the thermal parameters such as temperature, pressure, density or viscosity of the fluid to be measured. Generally do not need to be individually calibrated. It can measure the flow of liquid, gas or steam.

(4) it causes a small pressure loss.

(5) high accuracy, repeatability of 0.5%, and maintenance of small.



(1) The volumetric flow rate of the vortex flow meter working condition is not affected by the thermal parameters such as temperature, pressure, density and so on. However, the final measurement result of the liquid or steam should be the mass flow rate. For the gas, the final measurement result should Is the standard volume flow. Mass flow or standard volumetric flow must be scaled by fluid density, and fluid density changes due to changes in fluid conditions must be taken into account.

(2) The factors that cause the flow measurement error are: the measurement error caused by the uneven flow rate of the pipeline; the density of the medium at the time of the change of the fluid condition can not be determined accurately; the wet saturated steam is assumed to be the dry saturated steam. If these errors are not limited or eliminated, the total measurement error of the vortex flowmeter will be large.

(3) poor vibration resistance. External vibration will make the vortex flow meter measurement error, or even not work properly. The high flow velocity of the channel fluid causes the cantilever of the vortex generator to generate additional vibration and reduce the measurement accuracy. Large diameter effect is more obvious.

(4) poor adaptability to measuring dirty media. Vortex flow meter body can easily be dirty or contaminated by the media, change the size of the geometry, the measurement accuracy caused a great impact.

(5) straight pipe required high. Experts pointed out that the vortex flow meter straight pipe section must ensure that the first 40D 20D, in order to meet the measurement requirements.

(6) poor temperature resistance. Vortex flowmeter can only measure the fluid flow below 300 ℃.

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