What Is A Strong Magnetic Field?

- Aug 08, 2017 -

1. Geomagnetic

Science fiction in the geomagnetic infinite amplification, geomagnetic seems to have been omnipotent. In fact, geomagnetic only 0.5-0.6 Gaussian, even if the individual places because of permanent magnet and other reasons the magnetic field is high, but want to affect the aircraft flight, unless the plane is low altitude flight, you know, the magnetic field will increase with the distance quickly decay.

2. permanent magnet

Wait until people found a permanent magnet, or called natural magnet, China in ancient times has long been on the record of the magnet. The "pipe" of the pre-Qin era has been recorded: "There are magnets in the mountains, and there are gold and copper under it." Visible, the discovery of the magnet has been a thousand years. In modern times, with the continuous development of industry, people can use rare earth materials to produce permanent magnets, various shapes, all kinds of structures can be. At present, the most representative of the artificial permanent magnet material should be NdFeB, up to more than ten thousand Gaussian magnetic field can be achieved.

3. Power supply solenoid

High school knowledge tells us that the solenoid can generate a magnetic field, yes, the wire around the coil, through the current can produce a magnetic field. In theory, access to infinite current, you can produce infinite magnetic field, but all the conductors are blocked, after the current will be heated, with the power solenoid can not stand the heat problem, the material of the machinery Performance, insulation performance will be a problem, at the same time, there are electromagnetic force problems, the current access is too large, the magnetic block is only minutes of things.

4. BITTER type water-cooled magnet

This magnet can be regarded as a modified water-cooled magnetically energized solenoid. In simple terms, the production of BITTER-type water-cooled magnets, the first need to tie a lot of copper holes, and then hundreds of pieces of copper stacked together to form a complete magnet, the advantages of this magnet is the use of high-pressure deionized water from the cooling Hole in the rapid flow, will soon be able to drive the heat generated when the magnet away, so the cooling effect is very good.

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