Transmitter Purchase Principle

- Aug 07, 2016 -

1. Install the pressure sensitive part of the transmitter should be perpendicular to the direction of gravity, if the installation conditions are limited, it should be installed after the adjustment of the transmitter zero to the standard value.  

2. The remaining pressure is not released, so the sensor zero and not come down. The best way to eliminate this cause is to remove the sensor, see if the zero is normal, if the normal replacement of the seal and try again.

3. The pressure transmitter output does not change, and then the pressure transmitter output changes suddenly, the pressure transmitter transmitter zero back. The reason for this phenomenon is most likely caused by a pressure sensor seal

4. Is the power supply required; there is no wiring error between the power supply and the transmitter and the load device. If there is no voltage or polarity reversal on the transmitter terminals, the transmitter can output no voltage signal.

5. Pressure sensor and transmitter shell generally need to ground, the signal cable can not be mixed with the power cable laying, sensors and transmitters should avoid strong electromagnetic interference around. Sensors and transmitters should be used in accordance with industry regulations for periodic verification.

6. Users in the choice of pressure sensors and transmitters, should be fully aware of the pressure measurement system conditions, according to the need for a reasonable choice, the system work in the best condition, and reduce the project cost.

7. Transfer the filling fluid through the spacers and components to both sides of the measuring diaphragm. The diaphragm and the electrodes on both sides of the insulating sheet each form a capacitor.

8. Pressure transmitter requirements check once a week, once a month inspection, mainly to clear the dust inside the instrument, the electrical components to seriously check the current value of the output should always proofread, the pressure transmitter is weak inside, must To be electrically separated from the outside world.

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