Sulfuric Acid Flowmeter(Electromagnetic Flow Meter)

- Feb 11, 2018 -

product description

  1. It can measure the volume of all types of conductive liquid flow, the measured medium, including acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids, raw water, cooling water, pulp, mud, coal slurry, pulp, syrup, corn syrup, fiber slurry, grain Slurry, milk of lime, hydrogen peroxide, seawater, beer, wort, milk and various beverages and other conductive liquid and liquid two-phase liquid. The product is mainly used in petrochemical, steel, power, metallurgy, textile, food, pharmaceutical, paper and other industries and municipal environmental protection, water conservancy and other fields.

2.product categories

Sulfuric acid flowmeter by the sensor and intelligent signal converter, according to the converter and sensor assembly can be divided into one form and split two kinds of structure.

Integrated: Converter and sensor directly assembled into a whole, can not be separated. Commonly used in the field of good environmental conditions.

Split: The converter consists of a dedicated cable and sensor consisting of a product, the sensor is installed in the field, the converter installed in better conditions. Commonly used in poor environmental conditions at the scene, such as wells, next to high temperatures, personnel inconvenience to reach places.

3.measurement principle

The working principle is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. That is: the conductor in the magnetic field for cutting magnetic field movement, induced electromotive force in the conductor, the induced electromotive force UE is

■ The sensor has the advantages of simple structure, no throttling device and no blockage, suitable for all kinds of liquid measurement with solid particles, fibers and suspended solids.

■ Wetted materials can have a variety of options, can be used for a variety of corrosive liquids measurement.

■ can be installed horizontally, vertically, tilted way, as long as the measurement tube is filled with liquid and no bubbles can be.

■ Wide measuring range, range ratio 100: 1, range can be modified.

■ zero calibration site, does not affect the measurement accuracy.

■ low power consumption, less than 7W.

■ LCD display instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, percentage of flow, fluid flow, fault alarm.

■ Chinese menu, according to the prompts to view and modify the parameters, the four key functions set by the software at any time, easy to learn.

■ Fault self-diagnosis, air traffic control can judge the alarm, excitation fault alarm, over-range alarm, output signal fault alarm.

■ Positive flow accumulation, reverse flow accumulation, bidirectional flow accumulation.

■ measurement units, decimal point automatically converted.

■ Explosion-proof grade, explosion-proof mark Exd (ia) iaq Ⅱ CT6.

■ a variety of signal output options 4 ~ 20mA, 0 ~ 1kHz, HART, RS485 and so on.

■ can be customized liner-free electromagnetic flowmeter.

■ One-click restore factory settings.

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