Sanitary Flowmeter - Food-grade Flow Meter, Milk Flow Meter

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Sanitary-type flowmeter is mainly used in alcohol, milk, liquid dairy products, fat, animal and vegetable oils, alcohol, beverages, liquid sauce, sugar, beer and other liquid food quantitative control, measurement.

Hygienic flowmeter uses a new type of sanitary lining material and lining technology, in line with the health requirements of the food industry, while using a stainless steel shell and stainless steel clamp connections, to facilitate the rapid removal of hygienic flowmeter, cleaning, easy to use in the process Being contaminated, it can be widely used in the manufacturing process of food, such as mineral water, soy sauce, jam, beer, fruit juice, rice wine and milk as well as in the field of hygiene and chemical industry.

◆ hygienic flow meter using a new type of sanitary lining material to prevent the accumulation of measuring media residues in the measuring tube.

◆ hygienic flow meter with fast connection scheme, and Shunda electromagnetic flowmeter easy to disassemble, maintain and clean.

◆ hygienic flowmeter using 16-bit embedded microprocessors for signal processing, with a high degree of integration, computing speed, high accuracy, full digital signal processing, anti-interference ability, reliable measurement and so on.

special reminder:

① The flow direction of the fluid must be consistent with the flow direction arrow on the sensor body;

② When installing the sensor, in the process of welding flange or pipe, the sensor must not be in the pipe, so as to avoid damaging the electronic amplifier circuit of the sensor;

③ Flanges on both sides of the sensor must be parallel, otherwise it is easy to leak.

【Product Parameters】

Product Name: Sanitary flow meter milk flow meter

Diameter: DN15 ~ DN300mm

Nominal pressure: 0.6 ~ 4MPa

Working conditions temperature: -20 ~ +120 ℃ higher temperature and the factory agreed

Accuracy: 0.5 ~ & plusmn; 1.5% FS

Range ratio: 1:10

Housing: stainless steel

Power supply: built-in 3.6VDC lithium battery (two years for a change); for 24VDC (optional)

Output signal: 4 ~ 20mA two-wire system; pulse 0 ~ 1000HZ; RS232 / RS485 (or according to user requirements)

Protection class: IP65

Explosion-proof mark: intrinsically safe ExiallCT4; Flameproof ExdllCT4

The header shows: Cumulative flow; instantaneous flow; percentage of rod full scale; fault self-test

Connection: Quick-connect; double flange (DN15-300mm);

【Flowmeter Features】

◆ The use of advanced third-generation capacitive force sensor, reliable performance, accuracy, high sensitivity;

◆ Dirt-resistant, non-clogging, anti-vibration, electromagnetic interference, strong anti-impurity ability;

◆ no moving parts, dirt, integrated intelligent display, easy installation and maintenance-free;

◆ Pressure loss is small, only about 1/2 △ P standard orifice;

◆ Suitable for a wide range of media: can accurately measure the temperature of gases, liquids, steam flow, measurable two-phase flow;

◆ Can choose a variety of anti-corrosion and high temperature materials (such as Hastelloy, titanium, etc.);

◆ whole machine sealed without dead ends, without any leakage point, resistant to 42MPa high pressure;

◆ sensor is not in contact with the measured medium, there is no wear and tear components, the use of safe and reliable;

◆ has a variety of installation options, easy to install, low cost;

◆ Integrated temperature, pressure compensation, direct output quality or standard;

◆ With optional small signal removal, non-linear correction, filter time can be selected;

◆ accurate measurement, accuracy can reach 0.2 to 1.5%;

◆ Repeatability, usually 0.05 ~ 0.08%, rapid measurement;

◆ meter self-test program, the phenomenon of failure at a glance;

◆ a variety of output forms, far-reaching variety of parameters;

◆ anti-vibration strong, measurable pulsating flow within a certain range.

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