Radar Level Meter/ Transmitter

- Feb 10, 2018 -

Radar water level gauge, also called water level radar, is an electronic device that uses electromagnetic waves to detect targets. Its main function is used for water monitoring, sewage treatment and flood warning. The main measurement principle is to launch a radar pulse from the radar water level sensing antenna. The antenna receives the pulse reflected from the water surface and records the time T. Since the propagation velocity C of the electromagnetic wave is a constant, the distance D to the water surface

The main function

Radar water level gauge is the use of electromagnetic wave detection target electronic devices. hair

Radio frequency electromagnetic waves irradiate the target and receive its echo, thereby obtaining the distance from the water level to the electromagnetic wave emission point, the rate of change of the distance (radial velocity), the azimuth, the height and other information.

Application areas

River water level, open channel water level automatic monitoring

Reservoir dam, tail water level monitoring

Pressure regulating tower (well) water level monitoring

Tide level automatic monitoring system, urban water supply, sewage monitoring system


Various radar water level gauges have different specific uses and structures, but the basic forms are the same, including transmitters, transmitting antennas, receivers, receiving antennas, processing units and displays. There are power equipment, data acquisition equipment, anti-interference equipment and other auxiliary equipment


All-weather work, 26G microwave reflection principle, anti-interference ability

Reliable sensor accuracy of 1.5 mm


No mechanical wear, non-contact measurement, long life, easy to maintain

Measurement has nothing to do with the water quality, not floats and other floating objects

No need to prevent wave wells, no effect on the water flow

Continuous online acquisition

Solar powered

Wireless transmission, no need to dig the cable channel, the lining of the channel, planting trees and other construction projects have no effect

Low cost, easy installation and maintenance, long service life

Reservoir water level measurement

Pulsed radar measuring distance of up to 70 meters, suitable for long distance measurement of water level, while the smaller beam angle allows the installation of the instrument closer to the side wall for easy installation and commissioning

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