Open Channel Flow Meter

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Open channel flow meter system, suitable for reservoirs, rivers, water conservancy projects, urban water supply, sewage treatment, irrigation, water and political water, rectangular, trapezoidal open channels and culverts flow measurement. There are many types of open channel flow meters. There are two types of weir type open channel flow meters and trough open channel flow meters.

Technical parameters

Open channel flowmeter technical parameters:

Water level measurement range (m): 0 ~ 3.0m

Blind zone (m): 0.3m

Machine measurement accuracy: System error ± 3 ‰

Flow measurement range: Depending on the weir / tank type used, the maximum is 9999m3 / h

Working temperature (℃): -20 ℃ ~ +60 ℃

Minimum water level resolution (mm): ± 1mm

Signal output: RS485, 4 ~ 20mA, 2-way switch output

Display: Highlight character LCD

Power supply: DC24V / 150mA; AC220 / 100mA

Protection class: IP65

Open channel flowmeter features 

◆ Measuring range is large, flow measurement from tributary surface backwater impact.

◆ Measurement is not affected by floating sediment in the water, bubbles and water level changes in the impact of flow sensors to generate water flow resistance is simple, small size, easy installation.

◆ standard channels do not need to transform can be installed directly, installation and construction costs low.

◆ Instrument display output complete functions, can display the water level, flow rate, flow rate, total flow measurement data, and has RS-485 communication interface.

◆ With water level, mud level, flow rate overrun alarm function.

◆ With data saving function, set parameters and flow value can be saved in the case of long-term power failure.

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