Online Density Meter Storage Protection Points

- Nov 15, 2017 -

Online density meter (also called on-line density transmitter) is a device for continuous on-line measurement of liquid concentration and density, can be used directly in industrial processes. The density meter uses advanced technology, including: a capacitive differential pressure sensor and connected to it, inserted into the production process of a pair of pressure repeaters. There is a temperature sensor between the two pressure relays to compensate for changes in the temperature of the process liquid. The intelligent on-line density meter is a two-wire density transmitter, which is mainly used for industrial process control. The on-line densitometer generates the corresponding 4-20mA signal according to the density and density, which can be remotely calibrated and monitored through digital communication. In the petrochemical industry can be widely used in petroleum, refining, oil transfer, oil and water media testing; in the food industry for grape juice, tomato juice, fructose syrup, vegetable oil and soft drinks processing and other production sites; dairy industry; paper industry; black pulp, Measurement of green liquor, white liquor and alkali solution; wine alcoholicity; chemical urea, detergent, ethylene glycol, acid-base and polymer density measurement. It can also be used in mining brine, potash, natural gas, , Bio-pharmaceutical and other industries.

Online Density Meters Saved in Warehousing Notes:

1, if not used for a long time, the water in the sink should be emptied and wiped clean to avoid air bubbles in the tank adhesion.

2, Do not place the densitometer in the direct sunlight and near the air conditioner, do not place the densitometer in a place with stronger magnetism and more dust.

3, to avoid the emergence of densitometer drop and impact occurred.

4, do not disassemble the density meter accessories.

5, do not use organic solvents to clean the density meter

6, to prevent dust and water infiltration to the inside of the density meter, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the density meter.

7, the instrument must be placed in a dry and clean environment, and arrangements for personal care; if not for a long time, you must unplug the power supply, and the measuring station and sink removed.


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