Level Switch Classification And Precautions

- Nov 06, 2017 -

Material level switch, mainly used for container, storage tank of high and low level, or intermediate level measurement, through the thread or flange, fixed point mounted on the top, side and bottom of the silo, including the stop bit material level switch, tuning fork Level switch, capacitive level switch, RF admittance level switch.
  Stop the material level switch

  RN3000 series is a kind of material level switch for solid materials (including powder, granule, block, jelly, etc.). It has good sealing, overload capacity (with overload protection), light and easy to install, the output contact capacity and so on. For different proportion of the material can be adjusted by pulling the spring to achieve, the contact material part of all stainless steel. Rotary switch in the chemical industry, plastics, cement, medicine, feed, food and other industries have been widely used.

  Small resistance screw material switch
  Small resistance screw bit switch is a simple structure, easy to use, safe and reliable small level switch. Beautiful appearance, compact. Mainly used in small bunker hopper. Mainly used in factory automatic feeding system or production line.

Capacitive level switch
  Capacitive level switch CN4000 series, anti-adhesion electronic circuit, you can detect the real level, while eliminating the attachment and hanging in the probe around the dummy bit signal.

  Tuning fork material level switch
  Tuning fork level gauge VN4000 series is a universal type of level switch. Tuning fork by the internal crystal excitation resonance, when the tuning fork is solid material coverage, the vibration frequency changes, and detected by the electronic circuit, which outputs a switch, to alarm or control purposes. Widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, light industry, building materials, environmental protection and other industries, to achieve the level of upper and lower limits alarm and control.

  Material level switch precautions
  Liquidity: material flow is good, not easy to produce dead ends and bridges.

Dead-end: When the material is discharged, the material may not be discharged from the lower part of the side wall. This area is called Dead End. Material level switch installed to avoid
  Dead ends, to avoid false positives.
  Repose: Continuous feeding makes the material pile into a cone, the cone of the bus and the bottom of the angle formed by the rest. Reflects the non-stick surface friction and tender. Saber size directly affects the level switch mounting point.
  Bulk density: the quality of the material per unit volume, a direct impact on the level switch sensitivity.
  Bridge: When the hopper is discharged, only the material at the discharge port is released, and the upper material does not move downward to form a bridge. Bridge on the discharge and material level detection is very harmful.
  Powder pressure effects.
  Corrosive effects.
  Effect of moisture content.
  Static electricity: false alarms may occur on the electronic circuit.
  Granularity: Material particles are too easy to smash the measuring rod.
  Flammability or explosive effects

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