Intelligent Remote Pressure Transmitter

- Nov 09, 2017 -

product description

Capacitive level transmitter and remote level transmitter is a new product in the differential pressure transmitter. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, light industry, building materials, scientific research and other enterprises and institutions to achieve a variety of fluid pressure measurement, with throttling device can detect liquids, vapors and steam, and viscosity, precipitation Or easy to produce the flow of crystalline particles of the fluid, but also can detect differential pressure, gauge pressure and the interface, but also can detect the open container or liquid pressure in the container.


main feature

① small size, light weight. Because of its small parts, simple structure, and differential pressure, displacement, the transformation of the capacitor signal together, greatly reducing the size and weight.

② high precision. Because there is no mechanical transmission and friction, and relatively large changes in the capacitance value, so easy to do high precision.

③ reliability is good. Due to the small number of movable parts, the measuring part is fully enclosed and welded solid structure, the electronic components undergo strict aging screening, and the special bead connector, which greatly improves the reliability of the transmitter.

④ range adjustable range, but also with positive and negative migration structure. Adjustable range of greater than 6: 1, range zero external connection adjustable.

⑤ overload performance is good. The sensor uses a simple structure, reliable performance of the concave arc overload protection structure.

⑥ adjustable damping device can be used for pulsating fluid measurement.

⑦ transmitter for flameproof and intrinsically safe use of dedicated circuits, the maximum output of the circuit is less than 30mA.

⑧ transmitter can be attached to 100% pointer, LCD LCD, LED digital display, the site is very convenient readings.

⑨ transmitter with 4 ~ 40mA DC standard current signal output, two-wire system, with load, anti-interference ability.

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