If We Saw The Geomagnetic Field

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Our eyes can not see all the things in this world, such as magnetic fields, radio waves, ultraviolet rays, infrared and so on. If you can see the magnetic field, we will find the world show what the scene?

Scientists measure the distribution of the Earth's magnetic field, drawing geomagnetic maps, as we show another view of the Earth's material. According to the physics website phys.org, NASA scientists use the "swarm" satellite (Swarm) to observe the Earth's magnetic field, drawing geomagnetic maps, in order to further analyze the structure of the Earth.

From the space point of view, because the distance is far, the Earth's magnetic field signal is weak, so the scientists after three years of continuous observation, the accumulation of nuclear, mantle, crust, ocean, atmospheric ionosphere and electromagnetic field magnetic field data, Of the magnetic field strength distribution map, and try to analyze the geomagnetism is weakening reasons.

Nils Olsen, a scientist at the Technical University of Denmark, who participated in the study, said: "We combined measurements of colony satellites with previously observed by CHAMP satellites in Germany and used The new algorithm results in a weak magnetic signal that reflects the magnetic field characteristics of the crust.

According to the human history recorded by the geomagnetic north and south pole reversal and so on, it can be speculated that geomagnetism is always changing. The new version of the magneto-map will remind people to think deeply about geomagnetic changes and other issues, and to enable scientists to modify the current geomagnetic gold standard as the world's magnetic anomaly map (World Digital Magnetic Anomaly Map). European scientists said that the study of geomagnetic map may help to analyze the movement of the Earth, especially the crust, to further study the mystery of our feet.

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