How To Set The Parameters Of Vortex Flow Meter

- Oct 11, 2017 -

4-20mA output Vortex flow meter Operating Instructions

       1.1 connected to power

· 1.2 Press the "+" key, the interface appears "Enter the passwordXXXX, then press the "E" key, appearsEnter the password:0000, Press the "+" key, the first 0 change to 2,then press the shift key "▲" ,  the third 0 change to 1. The password is 2010.

       1.3 Press the "E" key, enter the parameter setting mode.The first appearance of flow unit selection,  Press the "E" key once, then press the "+" key, select flow units that you need. After the selection is completed, press the "E" key to confirm. And then, press the "+" key, enter the “Algorithm Selection”, press the "E" key once, then press the "+" key, If the measurement of mass flow, Select conventional mass flow,  If the measurement of volume flow , Select conventional volume flow. After the selection is completed, press the "E" key to confirm. In the same way, the input flow coefficient, full-scale output flow, density setting, the resection of flow lower limit , the cumulative amount cleared.

NOTE:In the process of setting the parameters, After entering each setting, first press the "E" key, then press "+" key to modify, after modify, press the "E" key to confirm .After the confirmation, proceed to the next item.

          1.4 After completion of the above steps.First press the S key , the interface appears "Enter the passwordXXXX”, then press the "+" key.You can completely withdraw from the parameter setup state,  back to the normal work of the instrument.

         1.5 The emergence of the decimal point: for example, set the meter factor 212.6, on the "flow coefficient" interface , press the "E" key once, appear "0",  then press the "+" key,  "0" change to "2", press the shift key "▲" ,  the second "0" change to "1", according to the same method to the third "0"change to "2", then press the shift key  "▲" , repeatedly pressing the "+" key until the decimal point appears.

          1.6"Full-scale output flow" setting, The diameter and density determines the size of the "numerical full scale output flow" . DN100 as tables, if the density is 3, depending on the gas measurement range conditions, DN100 standard measuring range:. 100-1000m³ / h then the "full-scale output flow" set 3t / h on it. "Full Scale Output Flow" represents the maximum flow at 20mA current output,Therefore, "numerical full scale output flow" is bigger than the maximum value of standard measuring range, in order to prevent the actual flow exceeds the standard medium flow.

If the full-scale output value flow factory setting is inappropriate, you can adjust on the site. Does not affect the measurement accuracy.

      1.7 The lower limit resection Flow setting First the lower limit resection flow is the percentage of "full-scale output flow" .Such as: "full scale output flow" set 3t / h"The lower limit resection flow" if set to 5%That is excised 0.15 t / h.

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