How To Select Electrode And Lining Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

- Oct 13, 2017 -

flow meter Electrode


             Corrosion resistance


For industrial water, domestic sewage, with weak corrosive media, widely used in petroleum, chemical, urea and other industries


Boiling point of the following, all the concentration of hydrochloric acid has good corrosion resistance, but also resistant to sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid, organic acids and other non-oxidizing acid, alkali corrosion


Resistance to oxidation of acid, such as nitric acid, mixed with sulfuric acid mixed with the corrosion of the medium, but also resistant to oxidation of salts, such as higher than normal temperature hypochlorite solution, sea water corrosion


Ability to seawater, all kinds of chloride, organic acid corrosion


Has excellent corrosion resistance, in addition to hydrofluoric acid, alkali, almost all chemical resistance (including hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and aqua regia) corrosion

Platinum iridium alloy

Almost applicable to all chemical substances, but not applicable to aqua regia and ammonium salts

Flow meter Lining material

Main performance

Applicable scope


1. The most stable chemical properties of plastic material, the ability to boil hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and aqua regia, but also resistant to alkali and a variety of organic solvents, intolerance of chlorine, liquid oxygen, ozone corrosion. 2. Poor wear resistance

Concentrated acid and alkali strong corrosive medium


Corrosion resistance with PTFE, anti-negative pressure ability

Can be used for negative pressure state


1.Corrosion resistance with PTFE 

2.Low wear resistance

3.anti-negative pressure ability

1.the same with PTFE

2.Low wear medium


1.Excellent flexibility, good wear resistance

2.Resistance to the general low concentration of acid and alkali salt medium corrosion, intolerant oxidation of the medium corrosion

Water, sewage, weak abrasive mud, pulp


1. Excellent abrasion resistance 2. Poor acid and alkali resistance

Neutral strong wear of pulp, mud

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