How Oval Gear Flow Meter Working

- Nov 14, 2017 -


Oval gear flow meter (also known as displacement flow meter, gear flow meter), a volumetric flowmeter, flow meter is a higher accuracy class. It uses a mechanical measuring element to continuously and continuously divide the fluid into individual, known volume fractions and measures the total flow volume based on the number of times the metering chamber fills and discharges the volume fraction sequentially, repeatedly. Elliptical gear flow meters are available in different materials (cast iron, cast steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel) and are particularly suitable for the flow measurement of higher viscous media such as heavy oil, polyvinyl alcohol and resins.

- Oval gear flowmeter schematic -

 Oval Gear Flowmeter .gif

- Oval gear flowmeter features -

In accordance with the requirements of the correct installation of the oval gear flow meter, when used to ensure adequate accuracy, usually the cumulative value of accuracy up to 0.5, is a more accurate flow meter. However, if the flow rate of the measured medium is too small, the influence of the leakage error of the instrument will be prominent, and sufficient measurement accuracy can no longer be guaranteed. Therefore, different models of oval gear flow meter has a minimum allowable flow rate, only when the actual measured flow is greater than the allowable value of the lower limit, the measurement accuracy can be guaranteed.

Second, the use of oval gear flow meter should pay attention to the measured medium temperature can not be too high, otherwise it will not only increase the measurement error, but also make the gear may be stuck. For this reason, the oval gear flow meter is used within the temperature range specified by the meter.

Long-term use of the oval gear flow meter, the internal gear will be corroded and worn, thus affecting the measurement accuracy. Therefore, we should always observe and regularly removed for inspection, if conditions permit the best regular calibration.

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