Electromagnetic Flowmeter Use When Maintenance And Troubleshooting

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Electromagnetic Flowmeters (EMF) is a new type of flow measuring instrument developed rapidly with the development of electronic technology in the 1950s and 1960s. Electromagnetic flowmeter is the application of electromagnetic induction principle, according to the conductive fluid induced by the applied magnetic field when the electromotive force to measure the flow of conductive fluid instrument.

The structure of the electromagnetic flowmeter mainly by the magnetic circuit system, measuring catheter, electrode, shell, lining and converter and other components.

When in use is the need for regular maintenance, to ensure the accuracy of measurement data, the following Otec instrumentation manufacturers in detail explain the technical experts.

General electromagnetic flowmeter maintenance and troubleshooting:

1) often observe the sensor power cable and transmission cable (or wire) for damage, aging phenomenon, to protect the outer rubber sheath.

2) Regular (usually six months) with a soft cloth to scrub the electrode surface, remove dirt or sediment.

3) Clear debris upstream of the sensor straight pipe.

1. There is an open circuit to the signal transmission cable between the converter;

2. Signal cable to the electrode connection open circuit;

3 electrode surface contamination or deposition of insulation;

4. Poor grounding or open circuit.


1. Connect the cable

2. Turn on the sensor and reconnect it

3. Scrub electrode surface;

4. Connect the ground wire.

2) no flow of liquid output:

1. The signal transmission cable between the converter and the two cores is reversed;

2. Power is not connected or bad;

3. Sensor instrument pipe, shell, end surface leakage.



2. Connect the power, keep in good contact;

3. Repair the sensor.

3) Output is unstable:

Flow field instability

2 through the sensor liquid contains gas, large solid block;

3. Electrical connection virtual connection;

4. Poor grounding;

Electrode leakage


1. Reconstruction of pipelines, or increase the installation of false sensors;

Normal phenomenon

3. Check the wiring, then a good line;

Connect the ground wire

5. Repair the sensor.

4) the error is too large:

High zero

Not fully filled with liquid

3 power supply distortion is too large;

4. Poor grounding.


Readjust zero

2 to improve the pipeline conditions, the sensor is always filled with liquid;

3. Improve the power supply conditions, in line with normal working conditions;

4. Connect the ground wire.

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