Each Type Of Intelligent Temperature Transmitter Has Its Advantages And Disadvantages

- Aug 07, 2015 -

1, weatherproof temperature transmitter This type of temperature transmitter is usually installed in the transmitter performance has a high demand, harsh applications, such as in the kiln, decomposition furnace, five preheater and so on. This type of temperature transmitter is enclosed in a sealed housing, and this housing is usually made of stainless steel, which is characterized by high accuracy, high reliability, good safety, weather, its main drawback is the price high. It usually comes with a field header that can be monitored, adjusted and configured on-site.

2, DIN rail mounting, instrument panel mounted temperature transmitter This type of temperature transmitter can be installed using DIN rail, usually installed in the control room. It is inexpensive, easy to install and maintain, and can be configured to match different types of temperature sensors. The measurement accuracy is low due to the long connection between the remotely mounted sensors. This type of temperature transmitter is recommended for use in cement mill systems.

3, integrated temperature transmitter This type of temperature transmitter can be directly installed in the temperature sensor DIN connector, it has the advantage of low cost, small size, compatible with various types of temperature sensors. Since this temperature transmitter is mounted directly on the temperature sensor connector, the electrical connection and the sensor wiring are very simple. Cement kiln system in addition to the requirements of high parts, the use of integrated temperature transmitter, grinding system can also be used.

The intelligent temperature transmitter uses a communication protocol, like a pressure transmitter, which is dominated by the HART protocol, as well as an FF or PROFIBUS-PA protocol that conforms to the fieldbus international standard.

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