Differential Pressure Transmitter

- Jan 31, 2018 -

Basic Info

Product Description

  • Model NO.:AT3051

  • Structure Type: Capacitive Pressure Transmitter

  • Accuracy Grade: 0.1G

  • IP Rating: IP65

  • Customized: Customized

  • Type: Normal Pressure Transmitter

  • Measuring Medium: Liquid,Gas etc

  • Pressure range: 0.001MPa~30MPa

  • Certification: CE


1. Employing hi-quality sensor and exclusive V/I integrated circuit, little peripheral device ,high simple and easy maintenance .
2. Little volume ,slight weight , convenient installation and debugging
3.Overall and sound design,respectively provide ordinary type ,corrosion-proof,intrinsically safe explosionproof type and isolation explosion-proof type .
4. Aluminum die casting outer shell, tri-terminal isolation ,hi-temperature baking lacquer protective cover, firm and durable .
5.4-20mA DC two-wire system ,strong interference -resistance ability ,long transmitting distance.
6.LED,LCD,pointer,the three kinds of indicating gauge head; convenient local reading
7.Can be applied to measure viscous ,crystallized and corrosive mediums

Main technical parameter





  0.075%  0.1% F·S     0.25% F·S     0.5% F·S

Measuring range



  Liquid, gas and vapor

Storing temperature

      -40C ~125C

Operation temperature

-10C ~80C

            -40C ~80C

Corrosion-proof material

316 SS


Effect of temperature

< 0.02%/C

            < 0.015%/C

Loading resistance

     < 750 Ohm

Overload ability

Triple span          

            double span

Mechanical protection



    <=95% RH


Two wire  4~20mA DC        four wire 0~10mA DC

Related equipment

   EXZ231B safety grid


    2.5 Kg


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