Compensation Technology Of Pressure Sensor Thermal Zero Temperature Drift

- Nov 18, 2017 -

On the pressure sensor zero drift compensation, scholars at home and abroad have done a lot of research, and published a series of compensation techniques and algorithms. As a whole, can be divided into two major directions of hardware compensation and software compensation. Here's a brief introduction of the representative methods in these two directions respectively.


1, hardware zero compensation method

The pressure sensor, the hardware compensation methods in the bridge on the string, the appropriate parallel constant resistance method, bridge thermistor compensation method, the bridge string, parallel thermistor compensation method, double bridge compensation technology, transistor compensation technology Wait.

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2, software compensation zero drift method

In the signal acquisition process, the trigger signal does not occur to trigger the acquisition and acquisition after the end of these periods, the input signal is zero, the output signal is not zero, the collected output data in the form of random noise There is no meaning for calculating and processing data. We define the signal value collected during this time as zero drift.

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3, polynomial fitting normalization method

As in the actual measurement. Pressure sensors measure physical quantities such as temperature and pressure and output values are not strictly linear, so the functional relationship is often a polynomial form. Polynomials can be used to fit non-linear signals, the key lies in solving its various coefficients.

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4, RBF neural network method

Fundamentals: Usually zero temperature compensation software algorithm formula method is more complex, cut the precision often limited. Artificial neural network method has the use of a small number of samples, the algorithm is simple, with arbitrary function approximation ability, the application prospect is good.

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In addition, the software law also includes the table look-up method, interpolation, etc., there are some manufacturers from the characteristics of the sensor itself, using special techniques, such as changing the doping concentration, or using self-calibration techniques to solve the problem of zero drift, but these methods Compensation accuracy is not high, the effect is far from the above three methods are good, so here are not enumerated.

in conclusion

In general, the hardware compensation and software compensation methods described above can all achieve temperature-induced zero drift of the sensor, which are both effective ways. However, compared with the overseas development situation, we have not done enough and the road ahead is still long. Learn from domestic and foreign sensor manufacturers zero compensation, zero temperature compensation process, accumulated experience, independent research and development. Although the hardware compensation has its advantages, it is important, but after all, the development of information technology, miniaturization of equipment, intelligent is self-evident trend, so we must step up its research on compensation methods, especially in software compensation, the use of Neural network compensation is even more important.

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