Capacitance Level Switch Common Troubleshooting

- Dec 18, 2017 -

Common troubleshooting methods


the reason

Check the troubleshooting

No signal output

1. The power is reversed

Measure the 24V terminal to determine the power is normal, check the signal circuit, touch the probe signal terminals increase the probe shows normal work

2. The signal loop is broken

The output signal is small

1. Poor grounding or not grounded

Good grounding, the resistance between the transmitter housing and the container wall is less than 2Ω, re-calibration range, check the 24V power supply, adjust the zero point clockwise to make the zero point 4mA

2. Range uncalibrated

3. Zero adjustment anti-transfer excessive

4.24V power failure

The output signal is unstable

1 probe line shaking

Fixed the probe line to clear the shaking, make the ground well, the signal line away from the power line, re-wiring, change the smaller ripple power supply

2. The signal cable is too close to the AC power cord

3. Poor grounding or loose terminals

4.24V power ripple factor is too large

Level has not reached the range

When the upper limit, the signal suddenly

However, more than 20mA output

1. The probe cable insulation is damaged

Replace the probe line, exclude the probe line grounding point, replace the new junction box or remove with anhydrous alcohol after drying

2. Probe short to ground

When used in containers,

The output is always at

20mA or more

1. The probe cable insulation is damaged

Measure the insulation resistance of the probe line to ground, find the short circuit point, replace the probe line. Replace the new junction box or remove with anhydrous alcohol after drying, contact with the manufacturer repair

2. Probe short to ground

3. Junction box water or damp

4. Transmitter circuit failure

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