Advantages And Disadvantages Of Turbine Flowmeter

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Turbine flowmeter, the main type of speed flowmeter, uses a multi-blade rotor (turbine) to sense the average flow rate of the fluid, thereby deriving the flow or total amount of the meter. Generally it consists of two parts of the sensor and display instrument, can also be made into a whole.

Turbine flowmeter turbine flowmeter and volumetric flowmeter, Coriolis mass flowmeter is called the three types of repeatability in the flowmeter, the best precision products, as one of the top ten types of flow meters, its products have developed into more Variety, multi-series mass production scale.


(1) high precision, in all flow meters, are the most accurate flow meter;

(2) good reproducibility;

(3) zero zero drift, anti-interference ability;

(4) wide range;

(5) compact structure.


(1) can not maintain calibration characteristics for a long time;

(2) fluid properties of the flow characteristics have a greater impact.

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