Advantages And Disadvantages Of Magnetostrictive Level Gauge

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Magnetostrictive Level Gauge Advantages:

Magnetostrictive level gauge for high-precision cleaning requirements of the liquid level measurement, accuracy of 1mm, the latest product accuracy has been able to reach 0.1mm.

Can be applied to the boundary measurement between two different liquids.

Magnetostrictive biggest advantage lies in the high resolution, can be done micron level.

Explosion-proof intelligent electronic circuit design can calculate the volume

Magnetostrictive level gauge only movable parts for the float, maintenance is very low. Used in various types of storage tank level measurement environment adaptability and strong installation and other characteristics in short range measurement relative to the radar and other liquid level meter cost is very high, the function is also a lot. The display has current, temperature, and interface display. This is the magnetostrictive level gauge can become today's gas stations and other metering tank on the most commonly used one of the products.


Magnetostrictive level gauge Disadvantages:

Anti-interference ability slightly worse (generally not recommended for use in power plants and other places where strong electromagnetic radiation).

Must be contact measurement, but the real measurement unit is not in contact with the liquid, contact with the liquid is only his protective tube.

Medium contact, float sealing requirements to be strict, can not measure viscous media.

Installation is limited. Have a higher installation, maintenance requirements.

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