RS485 4-20ma Ultrasonic Level Meter Liquid Tank Level Meter

RS485 4-20ma Ultrasonic Level Meter Liquid Tank Level Meter

Level range :0~5 meter....50 meters ultrasonic liquid level meter Integrative type Ultrasonic Level Meter Level Range:0-5...50 M optional Output :1~5V/0~5V/0-10V;4-20mA Bline Zone:25~80cm Power supply:AC250V/ 8A; DC30V/ 5A Working temperature: -20°C~+80°C Pressure port: M68*2.0 male; G 1-1/2 " male

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RS485 4-20ma Ultrasonic Level Meter Liquid Tank Level Meter

Ultrasonic Level Meter


Our ultrasonic level sensors have beautiful appearance, stability performance; explore proof design and good measurement function. Isolated power supply by industrial instruments, all of the output, input lines with lightning protection, overvoltage, over current protection circuit functions. Transmitter function of small, weak energy, high sensitivity, bearing small; a complete sensor system can accurately complete the objects in different environments continuous non-contact measurement; small blind, high accuracy, wide application, send and receive integrated, which can accurately receive weak echo signals to ensure the accuracy and reliability. 

Our Ultrasonic Level Sensor is a safe, clean, high precision, long life, stable and reliable, easy installation and maintenance ease of use easy to read and so on.


Ultrasonic level meter Accuracy: ≤±0.5%F.S.

High stability and reliability

Precise linear and temperature compensation

ZERO and SPAN calibrate available

Explore structure and design

Smaller blind zone

All English menu and operate

Safety, Aesthetics, High degree of protection

Applicable for various liquids, powder and solid

Low failure rate, easy to install, easy to maintain



Water tank level measurement

Fuel tank level measurement

Food tank level measurement

Seal water level measurement

Powder and Solid level application

Sewage and industry wastewater treatment

Oil and Fuel level measurement

Hazardous zone level measurement

Oil tanker, small fuel tank level measurement

Other distance and level application

Ultrasonic Water Tank Digital Level MeterUltrasonic Water Tank Digital Level Meter

RS485 4-20ma Ultrasonic Fuel And Water Tank Level Meter ,Ultrasonic Level Transmitter UE US series

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