River Water Level Measurement Radar Level Meter

River Water Level Measurement Radar Level Meter

Application: River water level measurement; Measuring Range: 30 meters;70 meters; Process Connection: Thread G1½ A″ /Frame /Flange; Temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃;

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26G Intelligent Radar Level Meter
Application: river water level measurement

1. Product Introduction

Radar level meter antenna by narrow microwave pulse, the pulse propagation in space at the
speed of light, meet the measured medium surface, the part of the energy to be reflected back,
by the same antenna. Emission pulses and the time interval of the received pulse and the
antenna to the measured medium surface is proportional to the distance. Due to the
electromagnetic wave propagation and very high speed, pulse and receiving pulse time interval is
very small (nanosecond) it is difficult to confirm, 90X series of 26G radar level meter adopts a
special demodulation technology, can accurately identify the transmitted pulse and pulse
interval, thus further calculate the antenna to the measured medium surface distance.


Characteristics of water conservancy industry application:
Radar level meter adopts a recommended industry emission frequency of 26GHz, so it has
beam angle is small, concentrated energy, has stronger anti-interference ability and greatly
improves the precision and reliability of measurement.
Small antenna size, easy to install and dustproof cover antenna protection device.
Light weight about 1KG, easy to install.
The measurement range of up to 70 meters, covering a large reservoir water level
With a variety of output circuit interface and data acquisition system.
The pulse working mode, radar level meter transmit power is very low, no harm to human
body and environment.






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