The working principle and advantages of thermal flow switch

- Aug 08, 2017 -

There are many ways to detect the flow state of the fluid. The general water flow switch is divided into two kinds, one for the early mechanical flow switch, also known as the baffle type flow switch. Its principle is to push the baffle through the flow of water Deflect, and then touch the micro switch action. This mechanical flow switch is the advantage of easy to use, cheap, the disadvantage is that the mechanical structure, there will be wear and tear, in the case of poor water quality, the action is not very stable. The other is the commonly used thermal flow switch, its principle is that the size of the liquid flow is different, take away the heat is different, by detecting the size of the heat loss, you can detect the flow of water. The advantage of this water flow switch is that there is no moving parts, there is no wear situation, greatly enhance its life and stability, the disadvantage is that the price is slightly more expensive than mechanical

Characteristics of thermal flow switch

1, the probe through a special treatment, the outer surface of a protective film, completely anti-corrosion, anti-scaling;

2, directly through the drive screw drive potentiometer to set, no need to disassemble, so completely waterproof

3, the original double adjustment technology, adjust more convenient, show more accurate

4, the original can do double relay output, making control easier

5, LED lights can reflect the size of the current traffic

6, ultra-small shell, integrated design, all made of stainless steel, practical and beautiful

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