The main concept of the transmitter

- Aug 07, 2017 -

In the "automatic control principle", the transmitter is the sensor output signal can be recognized by the controller signal converter. As for the sensor is sometimes common because the output signal of most modern sensors is already a common controller can receive the signal, this signal can be converted directly to the controller without the conversion of the transmitter. Therefore, the traditional sense of the "transmitter" should be: "the sensor output signal can be controlled by the controller or measuring instrument to accept the standard signal of the instrument." In the automatic control: the signal source -> sensor -> transmitter -> operator controller -> actuator -> control output.

Many types of transmitters, in general, by the transmitter to send a signal to the secondary instrument to the secondary instrument display measurement data.

A device that converts a physical measurement signal or a normal electrical signal into a standard electrical signal output or capable of outputting in a communication protocol. Generally divided into: temperature / humidity transmitter, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, level transmitter, current transducer, power transmitter, flow transmitter, weight transmitter and so on.

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