The future development trend of industrial instrumentation

- Sep 19, 2017 -

  There are many types of industrial instruments, according to the parameters of the production process is measured to distinguish between temperature measurement instruments, pressure measuring instruments, flow measurement instruments, level measuring instruments, mechanical measuring instruments, process analysis equipment, etc .; industrial instruments according to its industrial production process The function can be divided into detection instruments, display instruments, regulating instruments and so on. The current automation areas include IPC, DCS, PLC and other major product competition system.


  With the popularity of microelectronics technology and computer applications, industrial automation instruments in the manufacturing process using a large number of advanced manufacturing process. In the future, industrial automation instruments will also move in the following three directions:

  First, the system function is more comprehensive. Industrial automation instrumentation in the future will be with the computer, power electronic devices and strong control of the more closely combined to achieve continuous control and intermittent control and use.

  Second, the fieldbus structure will be adjusted. Industrial automation instruments in the future will be the instrument's self-diagnostic function of the corresponding expansion, so that the system connection will be more simple and reliable, to a certain extent, reduce installation costs. You can also control the size of variable, easy to maintain.

  Finally, the product is constantly upgrading. With the continuous progress of technology and technological innovation, such as biosensors, fiber optic sensors, polymer sensors and other emerging sensors will continue to appear.

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