The composition of the turbine flowmeter

- Aug 08, 2017 -

Turbine flowmeter is a speed flow meter, it was also known as the flow meter flow meter. Impeller flowmeter is placed in the fluid by the rotation angle of the impeller speed proportional to the flow rate of the fluid, by measuring the speed of the impeller to reflect the size of the fluid flow through the pipeline, is the flow meter in the more mature high-precision instrument one. There are turbine flowmeter, shunt rotor type flowmeter, water meter and impeller anemometer, turbine flowmeter is its main varieties.

Turbine flowmeter generally consists of the following five typical components:

1. Table body

The material of the body is generally steel or cast iron, both ends of the flange connection. Small caliber table also has a threaded interface.

2. Rectifier

The rectifier is used to allow fluid to flow through the turbine flow meter in a regular state, thereby eliminating the adverse effects of disturbance on metering. High metering accuracy.

3. Measure the components

The turbine has a precisely machined blade that, together with a set of reduction gears and bearings, constitutes a measuring module that supports two high-precision stainless steel permanent self-lubricating bearings of the turbine to ensure that the module has a longer service life. Turbine flowmeter can also use external lubricating oil pump lubrication bearings, but attention can not be excessive.

4. Magnetic coupling drive device

The device separates the counter portion in the atmospheric environment from the gas being measured and passes the rotation of the measurement assembly to the counter.

5. counter

The counter panel has the following important information:

1) Maximum operating temperature and pressure:

2) metering and minimum and maximum flow levels

3) product model and number

4) Explosion protection grade and mark

5) The equivalent of the fluid corresponding to the low frequency or high frequency pulse and the wiring method.

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