Steam flow meter installation recommendations

- Nov 14, 2017 -


Vortex flowmeter is the use of fluid flow through the obstruction of a stable vortex, whirlpool by measuring the frequency of two to achieve flow measurement. Vortex flowmeter by the vortex flow sensor and flow display instrument is composed of two parts, the display instrument for the general flow display instrument. The following describes the installation of the flow meter points of care.


1. Steam flow meter must be installed on the horizontal steam straight pipe, if the steam pipe is vertical pipe, it should be set horizontal bypass pipe. There should be 10 ~ 15D straight pipe section on the inlet side of the flowmeter (D is the inner diameter of the pipe) and 5 ~ 10D straight pipe section on the exit side. The pipe inner diameter must be the same as the nominal pipe diameter of the flowmeter.

2. When the actual steam pipe diameter and steam flowmeter nominal diameter inconsistent, in addition to ensure the flow meter front and rear straight pipe length, the size of pipe connections should be installed flare tube.

3. Steam flow meter steam flow direction must be consistent with the arrow on the flow meter body direction, while installing the indicator must be in the pipeline below the indicator dial plane perpendicular to the ground.

4. For wet saturated steam containing higher moisture, the meter should be installed downstream of the trap to drain off the liquid phase fluid.

5. On the flowmeter pressure gauge port or on the inlet side of the flowmeter, a pressure gauge should be installed to adjust the flowmeter pressure compensation device based on the pressure value.

6. Adjust the steam flowmeter pressure compensation device, so that the actual working pressure of steam and flowmeter calibration pressure. When adjusting, open the rear cover of the indicator, loosen the nut, turn the scale tube, align the pressure indicator graduation line of the dial and the corresponding pressure indicator dividing line of the scale, and then tighten the nut and cover it Back cover.

7 steam meter before work, must fill the injection tank damping fluid. Turn off the four bolts at the water inlet of the water tank and the water outlet, fill the water in the water inlet, and tighten the water outlet bolt when it confirms that there is no yellow rust or dirt in the liquid flowing out of the water outlet. Continue to inject water to fill the spill and confirm that there is no gas in the fill tank. Tighten the spigot. Damping fluid in the water tank must be filled, or affect the measurement accuracy and damage to the internal parts of the flowmeter. Damping fluid generally tap water, when the flowmeter ambient temperature below zero or intermittent use, anti-freezing liquid to be anti-freezing treatment, antifreeze damping solution using 5% glycol solution, stop using the damping fluid should be released.

    Vortex flowmeter measurement accuracy of 1.0, for the measurement of liquids, gases, steam and other low temperature medium and a variety of corrosive media, widely used, with broad prospects for development.

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