Selection and Application of Pressure Sensor

- Aug 08, 2017 -

1. Uses Because of the different structure, the pressure sensor can be divided into the absolute pressure, the relative pressure and differential pressure on the atmosphere. Determination of absolute pressure, the sensor itself with a vacuum reference pressure, the measured pressure has nothing to do with the atmospheric pressure, is relative to the vacuum pressure. The relative pressure of the atmosphere is based on atmospheric pressure as the reference pressure, so the sensor elastic membrane side is always connected with the atmosphere. In addition, fluid pressure can be introduced from both sides of the sensor elastic membrane, which can measure the differential pressure between the different locations of the fluid or between the fluids. For different purposes should use different structures of the pressure sensor.

2. Pressure range The pressure sensor pressure range is graded. This is because the elastic membrane of the pressure sensor has a limit on the fluid pressure. This is what is commonly referred to as the pressure limit, which exceeds the ultimate elasticity of the film. In general, each sensor has 20 - 300% overvoltage capability. Therefore, the maximum pressure on the product specification is 30 to 80% of the withstand voltage limit. It is not necessary to use an excessively high pressure range

 3. Accurate pressure sensor can be used as a pressure metering element or as a sensitive element and then automatic control. Especially for the previous use, it is relatively high accuracy requirements. Since the accuracy of the pressure sensor made of a semiconductor chip is affected by the temperature, it should be noted that the temperature range of the sensor is used.

4. Electrical requirements General general pressure sensor output for the analog signal, close-range full-scale output voltage up to 100 - 150mV, the output current of 0- 0101mA. Long-distance output signal voltage will be attenuated, should use the current signal output. The current can be amplified by the pressure transmitter can output 20mA below the current signal. In this way, the price doubles


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