Sea water density meter tutorial

- Nov 15, 2017 -

       The density of seawater is greater than 1, we generally hear that the hydrometer is comparatively unfamiliar to the light meter, in fact, it is a kind of densitometer than the light meter and the hydrometer, and its working principle is the same. German principle of the system used to measure the liquid density of an instrument their difference is that the hydrometer is used to measure the density of more than 1 liquid density that is larger than the water, . The minimum scale of this hydrometer is "1", which is from the top of the scale line, from top to bottom, in order, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 ... The hydrometer is placed in the water and it Of the scale line greater than 1, all under the water than the light meter is used to measure the density of the liquid than the water. There are two ways to read the densitometer indication: First, the densitometer marked "according to the bend Monthly reading of the upper edge of the word "(oil density meter), reading the eyes should be slightly above the liquid level, so that the line of sight through the cylinder wall and the trunk on the upper edge of the meniscus read the value shown; Second, the density meter marked Press the lower edge of the meniscus reading, when the eyes should be slightly below the liquid level, from the bottom of the liquid can clearly see the oval Surface, and gradually raise the line of sight, oval flat liquid surface is also becoming larger, and finally form a straight line, the straight line showing the value of the density meter is the phase at the cut edge of the lower meniscus (liquid surface of the primary) readings.  

     Before reading the densitometer, wipe the densitometer clean with a pure cotton towel, especially the dry tube, otherwise, the correct meniscus will not be formed, which will affect the accuracy of reading the densitometer. At the same time, the cylinder wall should be wiped clean. Use and density of oil products to meet the specifications of the density meter. With the thumb and index finger twist dry tube slowly into the cylinder of oil, until the density meter reads the density in the oil after the value of the indication, the density meter minimum scale value of 0.5kg / m3, less than 0.5kg / m3 density readings, it can be divided into 5 equal parts for reading. After reading the density meter, clean the density meter back into the box. Oxymeter online density meter production. The lighter than the meter is used to measure the density of water than the liquid.It contains less under the lead or mercury, the hydrometer maximum scale line is "1", the scale line is at the lowest, Bottom-up, in turn, is 0.9, 0.8, 0.7 ... When the hydrometer is placed in the water it is all on the water with a scale line less than 1. Care should be taken, depending on whether the density of the liquid is greater than 1 or Less than 1 to choose the density meter, if you need to monitor the density online from time to time, you can use the online density meter, easy and reliable.

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