Principle and Characteristics of Intelligent Transmitter

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Intelligent transmitter is composed of sensors and microprocessors (microcomputer) phase structure. Transmitter It takes full advantage of the microprocessor's computational and storage capabilities to process sensor data, including conditioning of measurement signals (eg filtering, amplification, A / D conversion, etc.), data display, automatic calibration and automatic Compensation and so on.

Microprocessors are the core of intelligent transmitters. It not only can calculate the data, storage and data processing, but also through the feedback loop to adjust the sensor to make the best data acquisition. Because the microprocessor has a variety of software and hardware functions, so it can complete the traditional transmitter difficult to complete the task. So the intelligent transmitter to reduce the difficulty of manufacturing the sensor, and in a large way to improve the performance of the sensor. In addition, the intelligent transmitter also has the following characteristics:

1, with automatic compensation ability, through the software on the sensor nonlinear, temperature drift, drift and other automatic compensation;

2, can be self-diagnosis, power can be self-test after the sensor to check the sensor parts are normal, and make judgments;

3, the data processing is convenient and accurate, according to the internal procedures to automatically process the data, the transmitter for statistical processing, remove the abnormal value;

4, with two-way communication function. The microprocessor not only can receive and process the sensor data, but also feedback the information to the sensor, so as to adjust and control the measurement process;

5, can be information storage and memory, can store the sensor characteristics of the data, configuration information and compensation features;

6, with a digital interface output function, the output of the digital signal can easily and computer or field bus connection.

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