Magnetic float level meter Instructions

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Magnetic float level meter/gauge instrument can be used for a variety of towers, tanks, tanks, ball containers and boilers and other equipment of the liquid level detection. Magnetic float level meter/gauge can be highly sealed, leak-proof and suitable for high temperature, high pressure, corrosion-resistant applications. It makes up the glass (tube) level gauge poor clarity, easy to crack and other defects, and the whole process of measurement without blind spots, clear display, large measuring range. Magnetic float level meter/gauge parts using 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 316L, 0Cr18Ni9Ti, 1Cr18Ni9Ti lined with PTFE (PTFE), PVC, PP and other imported materials and components, with excellent reliability and corrosion resistance.


1, Magnetic float level meter/gauge around the body does not allow the magnetic material close to disable the wire fixed, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the Magnetic float level meter/gauge;

2, such as the user to use tracing pipe, you must choose non-magnetic materials, such as copper tubes. Heating temperature according to the media to determine;

3, Magnetic float level meter/gauge installation must be vertical, the magnetic flap level gauge and the container should be equipped with a ball valve between the valve, easy maintenance and cleaning;

4, the medium should not contain solid impurities or magnetic substances, so as to avoid floating on the block;

5, magnetic flap gauge should be used before the first correction of the magnet will be zero under the ball set to red, the other ball set into white;

6, open the bottom flange, into the magnetic float (Note: the heavy end with magnetic end up, can not flip.);

7, Magnetic float level meter/gauge should be commissioned to open the upper part of the valve, and then slowly open the lower part of the valve, so that the media smoothly into the main tube (run the media should be to avoid rapid impact on the float, causing the float drafts fluctuations affect the accuracy of display ), Observe the magnetic red white ball flip is normal, and then close the valve under the tube, open the drain valve, so that the main tube of liquid level down, according to the method of operation three times, Shanghai Cloud Gull instrument, it is normal, you can put into operation (corrosive Other special liquid except);

8, should be based on media conditions, irregular cleaning of the main catheter to remove impurities;

9, for more than a certain length (normal type> 3 meters, anti-corrosion> 2 meters) level gauge, the need to increase the middle of the flange or ear for fixed support to increase strength and overcome their own weight;

10, Magnetic float level meter/gauge installation location, should avoid or away from the material import and export, to avoid rapid changes in the local fluid flow area, affecting the accuracy of liquid level measurement;

11, when equipped with remote supporting instruments need to do the following few:

(1) The remote instrument should be placed close to the main gauge of the level gauge and be fixed with stainless steel hoops (iron is forbidden)

(2), Far EasTone supporting the surface of the instrument should be facing and close to the main catheter;

(3) Zero remote instrumentation should be zero level indicator and liquid level at the same level;

(4) The connection between the remote instrument and the display instrument or industrial computer is best to be laid separately by a protective tube or laid by a two-core shielded cable.

(5) The wiring box into the line hole laying, require a good seal, so as to avoid intrusion of moisture, moisture and so far supporting the instrument does not work, the junction box in the repair or commissioning should be promptly covered.

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