Intelligent magnetic flap level gauge application trends

- Feb 10, 2018 -

   First of all, intelligent automation technology has opened up broad prospects for the application of flap level gauges and measurement-related fields. The use of intelligent hardware and software so that each instrument or instrument at any time can accurately analyze and process the current and previous data and information from the appropriate low, medium and high levels of abstraction on the measurement process to improve the existing measurement system The performance and efficiency of the traditional measuring system are extended to extend the functions of the traditional measuring system. Intelligent technologies such as neural network, genetic algorithm, evolutionary computation and chaos control make the flap level gauge high speed, high efficiency, multifunction and high flexibility.

   Secondly, micro-chip technologies such as microprocessors and microcontrollers can also be used in different flap level gauges of decentralized systems to design fuzzy control programs, set critical values of various measurement data, apply fuzzy inference rules of fuzzy rules, Various kinds of fuzzy decision-making on the various fuzzy relationship of things. The advantage is that there is no need to establish a mathematical model of the controlled object, nor a large amount of test data, just based on experience, sum up the appropriate control rules, off-line application of the chip, on-site debugging, according to our needs and accuracy of accurate Analysis and on-time control action.

   In addition, intelligent reconstruction of information processing technology will also create a broader flap flap level activity stage. The reconfigurable computer, which combines the advantages of computer and application specific integrated circuit (ASIC), not only has to flexibly and correspondingly configure a large number of programmable logic cell arrays (FPGAs) according to different computing tasks, and its instruction level, bit level, And even task-level parallel computing, making it run faster than the general-purpose computer hundreds of times.

    In summary, with the application of intelligent automation technology increasingly in-depth and the scope and scale of the continuous expansion of China's flap level meter industry will rapidly move towards a higher level of development.

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