Industrial Online Density Meter

- Dec 26, 2017 -

Features / Industry Online Density Editor

1, the on-line densimeter for mobile or stationary liquid, suitable for pipe and tank installation.

2, the use of integrated structure of the two-wire transmitter, no moving parts, easy maintenance.

3, continuous on-line measurement of liquid density and temperature, no process interruption can be used directly for the production process control.

4, four and a half digital LCD display.

5, temperature and density of two parameters can be displayed at the same time, easy to carry out industry-standard conversion.

6, density meter has several different touch material.

7, easy to install, insert the liquid to display the reading.

8, to simplify maintenance, without regular cleaning.

9, online density meter calibration without standard reference source, without laboratory calibration, no process interruption.

10, intrinsically safe type can be used in dangerous sites. Hygienic type can be installed in the food production site.

Technical Indicators / Industrial Online Density Meter

1, Output: 4-20mA current output, superimposed digital signal (HART protocol)

2, accuracy: 0.001g / cm3

3, the density range: 0-2g / cm3; 0-3g / cm3

4, Instrument Power: 16-30VDC power supply, it is recommended to use 24VDC

5, resolution: 0.001g / cm3

6, temperature range: 0-100 ℃ temperature accuracy: 0.2 ℃

7, the ambient temperature: -10 ~ 60 ℃

8, humidity range: 0-90%

Applications / Industrial Online Density Meter

1, dairy industry (condensed milk, lactose, cheese, cheese, lactic acid, etc.)

2, mining (coal, potash, salt water, phosphate, calcium compounds, limestone, copper, gold, etc.)

3, food processing (tomato juice, grape juice, lemon juice, tomato sauce, molasses, vegetable oil, fructose syrup, jelly, jam, etc.)

4, pulp and paper industry (black pulp, green pulp, pulp cleaning, evaporator, caustic, etc.)

5, beverage processing (beer, soft drinks, wine, instant coffee, malt, etc.)

6, chemical industry (caustic soda, acid, urea, detergent, polymer density, ethylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, etc.)

7, refining (lubricants, aromatics, fuel, vegetable oil, etc.)

8, sugar industry and wine industry (squeezed juice, syrup, grape juice, lime juice density, alcohol GL, molasses, hexane / ethanol interface, etc.)

9, petrochemical (natural gas, oil and gas washing, kerosene, lubricating oil, oil / water interface, etc.)

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