Flowmeter classification

- Nov 03, 2017 -


Volumetric flowmeter

Volumetric flowmeter, also known as fixed displacement flowmeter, referred to as PD flowmeter, the flow meter is the highest accuracy of a class. It uses the machine measuring element to separate the fluid into a single known volume sector one after another, and measures the total fluid volume based on the number of times the measuring chamber flooded and discharged the volume sector fluid one after another.


Impeller flow meter

The truth of the impeller flowmeter is the impeller is placed in the fluid under test, by the fluid activity of the blow and reverse, with the speed of the impeller torsion to reflect the size of the flow. A typical impeller flow meter is a water meter and turbine flow meter, the layout can be a mechanical transmission input or electrical pulse input type.

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Differential pressure flowmeter (variable pressure drop flowmeter)

Differential pressure measurement method of traffic has a long history, more mature, the same as all countries in the world are generally used in more stressful places, accounting for about 70% of all types of flow measurement methods. Power plant main steam, water, condensate and other flow measurements have adopted this type of meter.


Variable area flow meter (such as pressure-flow meter)

For measuring liquids, gases. All-metal layout, abetting type, electric remote transmission type, corrosion-resistant, low pressure type, jacket type, explosion-proof type. With 0-10mA, 4-20mA standard analog signal input and on-site instigation.


Momentum flow meter

Most of the use of measurement fluid using the detection element to convert momentum into pressure, displacement or force, and then measure the flow. A typical gauge for this type of flow meter is a target and shift transition vane flow meter.

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Impulse flow meter

Impulse flowmeter measurement truth is that when the measured medium from a certain height h landing at a tilt angle of the test board to produce an impulse, the momentum of the momentum of the impulse water is proportional to the quality of the horse, so measuring the water and other components can be Response quality flow size. According to the signal (nine) detection method, the flowmeter sub-displacement detection type and indirect measurement type.


Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic flowmeter measurement accuracy and sensitivity are higher. Multi-industry to measure water, pulp and other media flow. Measurable maximum diameter of 2m, and minimal pressure loss. However, low conductivity media, such as gas, steam, etc. can not be used.


Ultrasonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter according to the measurement points can be divided into time-difference and Doppler, although in 70 years before showing, but because it can be made non-contact type, and ultrasonic water level gauge can be linked to stop the start of the flow measurement, the fluid It does not occur disturbance and resistance, it is very popular, is a quite promising flowmeter.


Fluid oscillating flowmeter

Fluid oscillating flowmeter is the use of the fluid under certain flow conditions will oscillate, and the oscillation frequency is proportional to the flow rate of the plan.When the flow cross-section is necessary, the flow rate and the volume flow is proportional to the guide.

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