Capillary Type Pressure Gauge Introduction

- Nov 22, 2017 -

      Capillary Type Pressure Gauge is designed primarily to prevent media in the tubing from directly entering the transmitter's pressure sensing assembly, which is connected by fluid-filled capillaries between the flange and the transmitter. Can also communicate with the HART handset, through the handset to set, monitor.

Crystallizable medium with viscous medium under high temperature Precipitation medium with solid particles or suspended matter Strong corrosive or highly toxic medium can eliminate the occurrence of leakage of guide pressure pipe and pollute the surrounding environment; when eliminating the use of isolation liquid, Signal instability, need to often add the cumbersome work of the isolation fluid. Continuous accurate measurement of the interface and the density of the remote device can avoid the mixing of media at different moments, so that the measurement results truly reflect the actual situation of process changes. Health and cleaning demanding applications such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, not only requires the transmitter contact with the media parts meet the health standards, and should be easy to flush to prevent cross-contamination of different batches of media

      Capillary Type Pressure Gauge to avoid the measured medium and the transmitter diaphragm directly contact, this measurement method is applicable to the following situations:

1, to high temperature medium and transmitter isolation.

2, the measured medium corrosion of sensitive components.

3, measuring the suspension or high viscosity medium, such as: mud, pulp and so on.

4, the measured medium due to environmental or fluid temperature changes and solidification or crystallization.

5, replace the measured medium strict purification probe, otherwise it will seriously affect the measurement results.

6, the probe must maintain sanitary conditions, to prevent pollution

Product Categories

Remote transmission pressure transmitter and the measured medium device connection there

Threaded, Flanged and Snap-on (for Hygienic Systems)

Flange to the flange can be divided into the sleeve and flat

Remote devices can be divided into thread type, flange type, flat type, insert cartridge and snap ring

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