Asphalt flow meter

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Asphalt flow meter correctly installed and used

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Install the instrument at room temperature as far as possible. Do not install it in the occasions of harmful gas and intense heat radiation. Prevent the meter counter part from being damaged. The direction of the meter should be installed so that the direction of the arrow shown on the meter case is consistent with the flow direction of the liquid. Easy to read.

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The measured liquid temperature should not be higher than the specified value, otherwise, the meter can not work normally, or even stuck. Liquid temperature changes can also cause additional errors in viscosity. In addition, the increase in temperature also results in an increase in the crescent space volume. This is because the meter "goes slow" and the measuring chamber is cast iron. When the oval gear is cast aluminum, the additional error is +0.14% / 100 ° C. The meter should be installed at the pump outlet End, flow control valve should be installed in the downstream of the instrument. Open the upstream shut-off valve first, and then slowly open the downstream flow control valve or shut-off valve. Prohibit the sudden opening or closing, the instrument in use, should make the table full of liquid. The measured liquid should not be mixed with gas, or measure the mixed volume of gas and liquid, so that the measurement is not allowed, the liquid mixed with gas, you must install a gas separator upstream of the instrument.

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When the flow exceeds the specified maximum flow rate, asphalt increases with wear and tear as the speed increases, and the pressure loss increases sharply and should be avoided. Below the minimum flow, although still able to measure, but the error increases. Flow meter starting flow of about 2% of the maximum flow, the normal working flow is the best of the maximum flow of 70% -80%, due to the measurement of high viscosity liquid, the liquid will generally be heated to reduce the viscosity, and then circulation in the pipeline. When the instrument is deactivated, the liquid filled in the instrument becomes sticky due to cooling. If it is to be enabled again, steam or other methods must be used to heat the outside of the meter to reduce the viscosity of the liquid until the viscosity of the liquid in the meter is reduced. Or mucus will bite the transmission parts, resulting in instrument damage.

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Before installing the instrument, the pipe must be thoroughly cleaned. If there is no strict filtering device in the whole pipe system, the filter should be installed in front of the instrument to prevent the flow of impurities from entering the pipe in the table should not increase or decrease rapidly. Avoid pipe vibration, hydraulic shock and pressure fluctuations and other phenomena, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the instrument, the instrument axis of the asphalt as possible to install a horizontal position, the dial should be installed in a vertical position (indexing "0" should be above) , In order to reduce the friction between pitch gear and shell, reduce the wear of parts. Due to different installation location, in order to facilitate the reading, counter (header) can be rotated 90 ° or 180 °, each instrument factory, are used 7 mechanical oil calibration at room temperature, at room temperature, the viscosity of the oil is about 10mpa.s. If the viscosity of the liquid used by the user is different from that, the double-layer gear can be exchanged. It is forbidden to sweep the steam and water through the instrument.

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