Absolute pressure, gauge pressure, negative pressure, differential pressure difference of the four sensors

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Pressure sensor, is one of the most widely used sensors of our kind. It is widely used in flanged electric three-way ball valve, petrochemical, water conservancy and hydropower, aerospace and other fields. And with the continuous development of semiconductor technology, according to different types of division, the pressure sensor will have different types.

The following in accordance with the type of pressure, the pressure sensor can be divided into absolute pressure, gauge pressure, negative pressure, differential pressure four types, then these four types of pressure sensors What is the connection and distinction?

We all know that we live in the earth's surface with atmospheric pressure, the so-called absolute pressure, is the barometric pressure, and pressure is not considering the pressure of atmospheric pressure, also known as the relative pressure, for example, we do not feel atmospheric pressure Exist, but in the space shuttle must be pressurized, otherwise the body's blood due to pressure, it will be sprayed out.

Therefore, the atmospheric pressure is an objective reality, absolute pressure is to consider his existence. In other words, the absolute pressure is equal to the gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure. Gage pressure can actually be divided into sealed gauge and gage pressure seal gage pressure is based on a standard zero pressure, gage pressure and the local real-time pressure of zero.

Negative pressure is relative to the positive pressure, positive pressure is based on atmospheric pressure, higher than atmospheric pressure. Negative pressure is based on atmospheric pressure, lower than the pressure of atmospheric pressure. Another is the differential pressure, differential pressure is measured between the two ends of the pressure difference between the two.

Therefore, when we choose the pressure sensor must choose the type of pressure, according to artificial climate incubator what we want to test what value you want to select the type of pressure sensor we need, in general, absolute and differential pressure comparison More, only under special circumstances need to use gauge pressure and negative pressure.


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