Module Type TUF-2000M Ultrasonic Flow Meter 4-20mA/rs485 Water Flow Meter

Module Type TUF-2000M Ultrasonic Flow Meter 4-20mA/rs485 Water Flow Meter

1. Pipe diameter: from DN15 to DN6000; 2. Display: 2*20 English letters LCD; 3. Output: RS485, 4-20mA and OCT; 4. Input: 4-20mA and PT100 platinum resistance

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TUF-2000M ultrasonic flow meter 4-20mA/rs485 water flow meter

TUF-2000M 4-20mA/rs485 ultrasonic water flow meter

Brief introduction
Ultrasonic flow module/RTU is widely used in all kinds of liquid for long time measurement, neither need broken tube nor block installation. The main unit uses guide installation, and the sensor was installed in the measurement pipelines. The main unit and sensor connected by the ultrasonic flow meter’s special power cable, not only can complete the flow measurement, but also complete the measurement of the quantity of the heat. This series are widely used to meausre the form a complete set of system integration, water resources, energy saving, water supply and drainage, heating network monitoring projects such as flow rate, heat metering.

                                                                             Basic Parameters



Velocity range

0~±10m/s, Bi-directional measurement

Pipe size




Type of liquid

Single liquid can transmit ultrasound, such as water, sea water, sewage, oil, alcohol, 

Pipe material

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, copper, PVC, aluminmum, glass steel, etc. Liner is allowed.

Signal output

1 way 4-20mA output
1 way OCT pulse output
1 way Relay output

Signal input

3 way 4-20mA input, achieve to heat measurement by connecting PT100 platinum resistor.

Communication interface

RS485, support MODBUS

Power supply

DC8~36V or AC10~30V





Product Size



Different Modesl Available


Company Introduction


CE & ISO9001 Certification


Any inquiry, please feel free to contact us. Thank you.

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