Easy Installation Large Pipeline Insertion Flow Meter Supplier

Easy Installation Large Pipeline Insertion Flow Meter Supplier

1 . FEATURES AND APPLICATIONS Internal rotation sensors have no moving parts, compact size, simple structure, reliable work. Then insert the installation configuration, can be kept at low pressure or under-pressure water status easy installation and removal, making it ideal for users upgrading...

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        Internal rotation sensors have no moving parts, compact size, simple structure, reliable work.

        Then insert the installation configuration, can be kept at low pressure or under-pressure water status easy installation and removal, making it ideal for users upgrading existing pipeline metering, meter site for easy installation and maintenance.

Measurement accuracy is not measured medium temperature, pressure, density, viscosity, conductivity influence (as long as the conductivity of   greater   than 20us/cm) and other physical parameters change.

       Sensors almost flat no pressure loss, low energy consumption

     Manufacturing costs than the average pipe flow meter and installation costs low. Particularly suitable for large and medium flow through the pipeline to measure cost-effective.

     Zero stability, strong anti-interference ability, reliable work.

          Flow measurement range. Full scale flow is measured within the pipe can be  set arbitrarily from 1m / s to 10m / s , the output signal is linear relationship with flow.

          Flow meter is not only 0 ~ 10mA / 4 ~ 20mA standard current output, as well as frequency output and a variety of communication interfaces, such as RS232/RS485/HART so on.

           Due to the above insertion electromagnetic flow meter has a series of advantages, which have been widely used in chemical, iron and steel metallurgy fertilizer, paper, industry, irrigation water metering drainage, sewage and other industrial sectors and the automatic control of process  production.


       The type of product installation is inserted type, with the pipe through installation the pedestal,ball valve and compression nut, screw connection.

Sensor shown in Figure 2, mainly by the measuring head (or the measuring tube), excitation system, the junction box, the mounting base (flanged and threaded into two forms), the seal positioning mechanism and other components.

       The measuring head (or the measuring tube):The measuring head (or the measuring tube) is in the pipeline of the measured flow velocity point,  using for detectingthe flow rate of the piont. The measuring head (or the measuring tube)is an end socket or conduit which is made by the  insulating material, with a pair of electrodes on it.Apart from the electrode tip and the inner wall of the measuring tube, other parts is  insulated with the measured fluid.

     Excitation System:The function of excitation system is to induce a magnetic field.It's  made up of excitation coil and iron core. It's insulated sealed in the measuring head.

        Plunger:it is made by stainless steel. Measuring head is fixed plug rod.

    Excitation leads and electrode lead sealed and connected to the junction box through the plunger with the measured medium.

    Flow direction rod is installed on the insertion rod. It's used to make sure that while installing, the magnetic field,flow rate and electrode are mutually perpendicular which is according with the requirements of Faraday's law of induction. 

         Junction Box: the junction box is located on the sensor’s upper, the junction box terminals’s role is that connects  the sensor and converter.

         Installation  pedestal: the installation pedestal is welded on the pipe, which uses to connect with the installed ball valve and the part of  insert the flow meter sensor.

         Sealing components: it composed by compression thread seat ,compression nut, rubber gasket and fixed screws which are made of stainless steel material,  which is used for sealing insert the sensor and make it work under some pressure.


3.1 Nominal diameter: DN 100~3000mm

3.2Working pressure:≤1.6MPa

3.3Flow rate measuring range:from 0~1m/s to 0~10m/s, full scale can be continuously adjustable within 1~10m/s range.

3.4Measurement accuracy: when the full scale flow rate >0.5m/s, ±1.5%

3.5Measured medium conductivity: ≥20us/cm

3.6Measuring tube (head) material: ABS

3.7 Ambient temperature: -10℃+55℃

3.8 The maximum measured medium temperature:60℃

3.9 Protection class: meet GB4208~2008 standard and the requirements of IP68

3.10 Flow meter output signals

 Direct current: 0~10mA load resistance 0~1kΩ

                          4~20mA load resistance 0~500Ω

Frequency: 1~5kHz load resistance 250~1.2kΩ

Communication interface:RS232/RS485,HT

3.11 Converter power supply types: 220V/AC,24V/DC, 3.6V battery powered

3.12 Connection type: flanged ,threaded connection

4.1 Pre-installation prepare

4.1.1Selection of the installation environment

1)It  should be kept far away from the strong magnetic equipments, such as large electrical machine, large transformers, frequency equipement,etc

2)Installation site should not have a strong vibration , pipe should  be fixed firmly.Little change in the ambient temperature.

3) installation  environment should be easy to install and maintain

4.1.2 Selection of  the installation location

1. Installation location must be ensure that the pipeline is always full of measured  fluid.

2. Choose fluid flow pulse small place, that is to say it should stay away from pumps and valves, elbows etc parts of local resistance.

3. When measuring the two-phase fluid (solid, liquid or gas, liquid) flow, it should choose a place that is hard to cause phase separation.

4. Avoid the measuring parts appearing negative pressure.

5. The measuring pipe diameter or circumference is easy tomeasure and the ovality should be small.

4.1.3  Length of straight pipe
The length of the straight pipe of the sensor installed the upstream of the pipe should be greater than or equal to 15D, the downstream side should not be less than 10D (D is the measured diameter pipe)
4 .1.4 Flow control valves and regulating valves
The flow control valve should be installed on the measured pipe of the sensor’s upstream side, the flow regulating valves should be installed in the sensor’s downstream side. When measuring, the flow control valves should normally be in the fully open state.
4.1.5 The welding of installing pedestal
Before installation, it should open a 60mm diameter holes on the measured pipe, the size and the installation  pedestal of connecting pipe outer diameter shoud be consistent. The installation pedestal and  the tested pipe welding are shown in Figure 3. If you need to keep water in the state to install, you can first weld the installing pedestal directly in the determining location of the user’s pipe, and then install the ball valve in the mounting pedestal, and then install the dedicated tapper in the ball valve, opening a hole in the user’s pipe, after that, close the ball valve and demount the dedicated tapper, then you can prepare to install.
 The technical requirements of installing pedestal welding are as follows:
1)The axis of the installing pedestal in the center of the measured pipe is  mutually perpendicular to the axis of the pipe.
2) using the stainless steel electrode downward welding. Guarantee the stirnflansch parallel to   the pipe axis, weld joint fastness, also can be able to withstand the pressure 1.6MPa without leakage.


4.2.1Clean up the measured tube mounting base welding slag and burrs

4.2.2Turn off the upstream flow  to control the valve or use the low-pressure water.

4.2.3Determine the  insertion depth of  good insertion electromagnetic ( the location of the two electrodes in the pipeline of the insertion type electromagnetic flow sensor ).

4.2.4As shown in Figure 2, put the DN50/1.6MPa ball valve to instal the mounting base. Please  note the long cavity of the ball valve upward. And check the ball valve if it can be  fully open or  fully closed. Tighten the compression nut and positioning screw, and  pay attention to the direction mark of sensors should be consistent with the fluid flow direction.

4.2.5 The determination of the insertion depth of the Insertion electromagnetic flow sensor . (Under normal circumstances, according to the  following insertion depth as the criterion, if any change, it will be  noted in the product qualified certificate )
For the nominal diameter D≤400mm, the depth of the insertion:  the center of the pipeline’s diameter.

For the nominal diameter D 400mm, the depth of the insertion: 1/4 of the pipe’s diameter  (the instrument coefficient of the two position is not the same



The first step: The mounting base welded to the pipe. Requirements: the installation of the base must be perpendicular to the welding process pipe, and center, welding to be reliable. See figure.


The second step: Ball valve and opening for fittings were installed to the mounting  base. See figure.

The third step:Open the ball valveInsert drill bit into the pipeTighten the compression nut on the openerOpen a small drain valve on the openerStart drilling(Note: there is pressure in the pipe when pipe is drilled through ,be careful with the opener,it is better drilling when low pressure),see right figure.

The fourth step: after finish drilling, The diamond core drill bit slowly to the ground to ball valve inside the cavity of the upper openings for fittings, close the ball valve, will open a hole opener and open hole opener fittings removed from the valve.


 The fifth step:will insert flowmeter and seal components installed on the ball valve, tighten gland nut on the sealing components.Open the ball valve (note that already in the pipeline, pressure at this moment, carefully insert the flowmeter is out), will be inserted into the flowmeter is inserted into the pipe internal rules, to indicate to the flow direction, tighten gland nut and positioning screw, installed, see right figure.

 NoteIf the scene without pressure water installation, also can be used directly in the user's gas cutting process holes open a Φ 60 in the pipeline, welding the installed base.


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