Liquid Density Measurement Instruments

Laboratory Liquid Density Measurement Instruments SINCE 1997, more than 20 years experience in process automation instruments. MD-3051 series online liquid level densitometer can be used for online density measurement of various liquid and liquid mixture. It is widely applied to the...

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Liquid Density Measurement Instruments

SINCE 1997, more than 20 years experience in process automation instruments.

MD-3051 series online liquid level densitometer can be used for online density measurement of various liquid and liquid mixture. It is widely applied to the petrochemical industry, food industry, dairy industry, paper industry,chemical industry, biopharmaceutical industry and other production sites.

Intelligent on-line densitometer (also called on-line density transmitter) is a device for continuous on-line measurement of liquid concentration and density, can be used directly in industrial processes. The density meter uses advanced technology, including: a capacitive differential pressure sensor and connected to it, inserted into the production process of a pair of pressure repeaters. There is a temperature sensor between the two pressure relays to compensate for changes in the temperature of the process liquid. The intelligent on-line density meter is a two-wire density transmitter, which is mainly used for industrial process control. The on-line densitometer generates the corresponding 4-20mA signal according to the density and density, which can be remotely calibrated and monitored through digital communication.

The main technical parameters:

Range: 0 ~ 5g / cm3 (intermediate range optional)

Comprehensive accuracy: 0.001 g / cm3

Output signal: Two-wire system 4 ~ 20Ma

Power: 12 ~ 45VDC, recommended 24VDC

Display: 4 semi-digital display

Resolution: 0.0005 g / cm3

Ambient temperature: -30 ~ 150 ℃ (optional)

Humidity range: 0-90%

Medium Ambient temperature: 0-200 ℃ (optional)

Application industry editor

Sugar industry and wine industry

Extract juice, syrup, grape juice, alcohol GL, ethane and ethanol interface

Dairy industry:

Condensed milk, lactose, cheese, cheese, lactic acid and so on


Coal, potash, salt water, phosphates, the compounds, limestone, copper and the like


Lubricants, fragrances, fuels, vegetable oils, etc.

Food Processing:

Tomato juice, fruit juice, vegetable oil, starch milk, jam and so on

Pulp and paper industry:

Black, green, pulp cleaning, evaporator, white pulp, caustic and so on


Acid, caustic soda, urea, detergent, polymer density, ethylene glycol, sodium chloride, sodium hydroxide, etc.


Natural Gas, Oil-Gas Wash, Kerosene, Lubricating Oil, Oil / Water Interface


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Installation notes editing

1, the principle of on-line densitometer is based on static pressure double flange differential pressure method. As the measured fluid is sometimes not static, it is constantly circulating and agitating. Therefore, the static pressure principle of density testing device must overcome these effects. In areas not suitable for direct measurement, additional test tanks should be added to allow the densitometer to work in a place where the flow rate and the fluctuation are very small, so as to ensure the stability of the densitometer readings.

2, the specific installation drawings by the project site technicians according to the size of the purchased equipment own design decisions.

3, for the mobile liquid or vibration of the liquid test to be installed when the auxiliary measuring tank, the purpose is to make the measurement reading stable. Field operators in the measurement of liquid flow in the tank to take into account both dynamic and stability of reading two requirements.

4, on-site installation of density meter must ensure that the two pressure repeaters in the same vertical plane, otherwise there will be measurement error.

5, online density transmitter installation method in the tank

6, the scene measured the liquid must be kept no two measuring sensors.

7, online densitometer theoretically can be measured according to different media concentration, please use the side according to the situation on the spot conversion of the concentration results

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