How To Clear The Total Flow Of Electromagnetic Flow Meter

- Dec 19, 2017 -

1.The measurement state, press compound key + Enter key, the screen appears to select "Parameter setting" and press the Enter key, the instrument appeared to enter a password state, LCD display five zeros, left press compound key, right-click the second or third shift key, right-click the third or the second key to a number up and down, when the liquid crystal screen password to "19818", the press first and fourth key to enter the parameter setting menu. 

2.Find the "Clrsum key" option, arbitrarily set a 5-digit code (eg 10000), press fourth key to confirm, and then press the fourth again for about 3-5 seconds to exit and return to the measurement screen.

3. press the first key and the fourth key at the same time, re-enter the parameter setting interface, press  the third key, find 'Clrsum key', press the fourth button to confirm, appear 00000, input the password(you can set the password by yourself ) (such as 10000),and then press the first and fourth key at the same time, the interface has changed 00000 again,at last press the fourth key for 3-5 seconds to exit and return to the measurement screen.

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